Vision Board Workshop

Lets create your dreams together through creativity and visualization. Visions Boards are an amazing way to help you reach your goals and aspirations in life.

Through this workshop you will be guided on how to set an intention that you want to bring about in your current life. Intentions are very personal and can involve aspirations, love, travel, family, business and so much more. Vision Boards are not just about cluing a bunch of pretty pictures to some foam board. It is about diving deep into what you want to manifest into your current reality.

During this five hour workshop you will create a Vision Board that represents your desires.

10:00 am | Introduction and setting the intention for your Vision Board

11:00 am | Finding the right images and quotes for your Vision Board

12:00 pm | Break followed by individual guidance with curating your Vision Board

1:00 pm | Start applying your images and quotes, open discussion on your intention

2:00 pm | Break wrapping up Vision Board layout and application

3:00 pm | Final thoughts and open group discussion

Nadia Bernardy is a mindset & business coach who helps women build their dream online business.

With ten years experience working in the online space she has extensive first hand knowledge on how to turn your dream into a reality.

Space is very limited as these workshops are meant to be intimate sessions for you to really focus on your intentions.

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