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Introducing Soul-Led Start-Up™

How to go from Soul Searching to Soul-Led Business & Brand. For Heart-Centered Founders, Thought Leaders & Visionaries.

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Soul-Led Business Blueprint

In this first section you will use your Numerology Chart to create your Soul-Led Archetype. This will allow you to lay the foundation for the type of products and services you will offer in your business. The goal is to create your Soul-Led Archetype so that you can write your Soul-Led Story. Together these components will allow you to create your Business & Branding Niche.

Soul-Led Business Blueprint

The Soul-Led Blueprint is divided into 4 sections:

  1. Soul-Led Archetype: You will use your Numerology Chart to create your archetype.
  2. Soul-Led Story: This section is the most important as it will lay the foundation for how you help other people.
  3. Master, Talents & Skills: This section is for brainstorming the knowledge and talents you already have. There is also an email template to send to 3 to 5 family and friends to get their insight.
  4. Business Blueprint: In this section you will use your Soul-Led Story to write out your Soul Calling using the information you gathered in your Soul-Led Story. This essentially will be your Business Niche.

Friends & Family Template

Use the template below to reach out to 3 - 5 Friends or Family. This is a wonderful to gain insights on the way you impact others. This is simply for your reference as you develop your Soul-Led Start-Up.

Friends & Family Feedback Template

Copy & Paste into email:

Hey _____,

I really need your help with something - it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. 

I’m currently taking an online program, and I’ve been assigned to ask my closest family and friends to help me discover my greatest skillsets. Could you please answer the following questions?

  1. When you need to ask for my help? What do you generally come to me vs. anybody else for help with?
  2. Is there anything you’ve seen me overcome that has inspired you?
  3. What do you see as my biggest weaknesses?
  4. What is my zone of genius? What am I the BEST at?

Thank you!


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Soul-Led Client

Welcome to Soul-Led Client. In this section we will discuss using your Soul-Led Statement/ Story to connect with your Soul-Led Client. Please refer to the Deep Dive Research Questions to start scheduling your Interviews. There is also an Outbound and Inbound template to use when reaching out to people through social media, online groups you are already a member of, or through email. For smaller programs and workshops typically 5 to 10 interviews is best, for larger programs 10 to 15 will provide you with more information. Weekly goal should be to schedule 5 interviews no more than 20 minutes. Feel free to use this strategy as you create future products.

DeepDive | Research Questions

Research Questions |
Schedule 20 minute interviews with video on if possible, ask if you can record it for your reference

  1. Use Calendly to set up Interviews (Zoom meeting will be created automatically), 14 Day Free Trial
  2. Or use Acuity and set up Zoom meeting manually for each interview, Free Option

    Deep Dive Questions
    Let them know you’ll be recording the interview.
    Ask them the Deep Dive Questions: Are you currently struggling with
    {fill in the transformation you offer}?
    1. What are your biggest frustrations with {fill in the transformation you offer}?
    2. What is your biggest fear about {fill in the transformation you offer}?
    3. Have you searched for the solution for this on Google or YouTube? What keywords or phrases did you use? 
    4. Which books have you read on this topic?
    5. Have you bought any courses on this topic? If so, which ones, how much were they and what were they missing? If no would you ever consider buying a course/ program
    6. Who are your favorite people to follow that talk about this topic? 
    7. What do you wish someone would talk about or share tips about to help you get the answer?
    8. What other investments have you made to try to solve this problem?
      1. I.e. books, workshops, therapists, conferences, home remedies
      2. How much do you think you’ve invested into trying to solve this problem up until now?
    9. What does life look like when you have {fill in the transformation you offer}? 
    10. What is the ONE thing you feel like you’re missing about {fill in the transformation you offer}?
    11. Ask them if there’s anything they’re really struggling with {fill in the transformation you offer} that they haven’t mentioned.
    12. If you could wave a magic wand and create a program/ workshop/ product that delivered everything you need, what would it include?
    13. What would you be willing to invest for this program/ workshop/ product?

      14. Ask if they would like to be updated on what you create from the research and if they know anyone else that might be interested in booking a Deep Dive

Deep Dive Outreach Templates

Getting Soul-Led Clients on Deep Dive Calls:

Inbound Template (Post on Social Media, Online Groups you are apart of)

ASKING FOR HELP! Feel like you’re struggling with __key pain point______?

I’m looking to interview (general category i.e. entrepreneurs, parents, people struggling with learning how to create a business) (purely for my own research) to help me build a new business I’m working on. It would mean the world to me if we could hop on a quick call and I could ask you a few questions. OR if you know of someone who fits this description, please tag them below/introduce me. Comment below and I’ll shoot you a DM to set up the call! Book in for a call here (calendar link)! 

Outbound Template (Email or in Direct Messages)

Hey ____,

You came across my radar on/by (LinkedIn/Facebook Group/Instagram/etc). I noticed you’re (an expert/super knowledgeable about/looking for help with) _______ and I’m currently conducting research on how I can best support people in this space. If you’re open to it, I would really appreciate it if we could hop on a quick call and I could ask you a few questions. Let me know either way! If not, no worries and I wish you all the best. (the more you can personalize this line and genuinely compliment them, the better)

-- Name

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Magical Mood Board

Intuitive Branding is all about honing in on how you want people to feel when they come across your brand. The best way to do this is through color. The beautiful thing about color is each shade evokes a different emotion. In this section we are going to review the different colors and what they represent to pick a color palette. Then we will use the colors to select fonts and words to describe your brand.

The best way to start playing around with your ideas is through a Mood Board. You can experiment with colors, fonts and graphics that you like. Later these initial ideas can be refined to make sure they align with your message.

Canva has a really great online Mood Board to get you started Here:


Coolers is a great place to look at color palettes:


Adobe and Canva both have great color pickers:



For Fonts I love DaFont:


Creative Market is great for Fonts, Graphics and any Design Related Digital Products:


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Setup Website Hosting SiteGround + Wordpress Install with Website Template

This lesson will walk you through creating your Website Hosting Account and installing Wordpress.

SiteGround is my preferred website hosting company. I have been using them for 10+ years, host multiple websites and domains with them and have never had any issues. They have great customer service and the best way to reach them is through chat. 

Here is a referral link to signup for SiteGround:

*I will receive a referral credit if you signup with this link

The Wordpress installer through SiteGround is pretty user-friendly, however if you have any trouble their customer service is extremely helpful. I am also available to provide additional technical support.

While you may purchase domains from SiteGround the most cost effective way is through Godaddy. If you choose this option you will need to point the 'nameservers' to SiteGround so that your website will come up with your domain name. Both Siteground & Godaddy are familiar with this process and will be able to walk you through it.

GoDaddy Domain Names: https://uk.godaddy.com/

FAQ on pointing a Domain to Siteground:


Name Server Example for SiteGround

The lesson also shows you how to install a pre-installed Wordpress Template which is included with the Wordpress install. The next lesson will walk you through installing Thrive Themes, which is a user-friendly drag and drop website theme with additional features such as quizzes, sale landing pages & online course hosting. You can choose to install Thrive Themes now or use the Wordpress theme included and upgrade later.

Here is an example of a Website with a pre-installed Wordpress Theme as shown in this Lesson:

Thrive Theme | Wordpress Template

Thrive Themes is an upgraded Wordpress Template that is very user-friendly and intuitive.

The website Theme Builder is drag & drop and easy to design for beginners:

There is a beautiful and easy to setup Quiz Builder for collecting email leads:

Build and host online courses on your website without using a third party platform:

Build and host sales pages (aka landing pages) on your website without using a third party:

Plus many other wonderful features to keep your online business all in one place:

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7 Day Transformation Framework

The 7 Day Transformation Framework will walk you through creating your first digital product.
The key is to create your Mini Course Magic in 7 days and it should take your students 7 days to complete. The idea is to get your product out into the world as quickly as possible and go back to refine it as students go through it. The goal is to get students from point A to B by starting with the last step 7 and then working on Step 1 - Step 6.

Start by journaling out some ideas for products based on the pain points from your Soul-Led Story and your Deep Dive interviews. Pick one focus and map out the students journey from Step 1 until Step 7, start with Step 7 as your end goal and work your way through each step.

Then decide how you would like to deliver your Mini Course Magic by focusing on your strengths. How do you enjoy teaching the best? Do you like being on camera? Do you prefer to create slides? What would be the best way for the students to learn your content?

Once you have decided how you will deliver your course then you can start creating content. Keep in mind that even though it is a 7 day course it does not mean you need to create 7 pieces of content. You might find that you have one video, a workbook and some audio or you have 3 short videos and a worksheet, or you can teach the course live via Zoom.

This part is up to you to decide depending on what works best for your skills and your students needs. Get creative and have fun with this process. Do not overthink the production or the creation of your product as you can evolve it, add to it or simplify it as you get feedback.

Once you have your course mapped out and created you can move onto installing Thrive Apprentice in the next section of this module.

Thrive Apprentice | Thrive Themes

Once you have your course outlined you can install Thrive Apprentice to add your content.
- If you are teaching your course live on Zoom be sure to record each lesson, you can upload the video to your course later to provide the replay link to students.
- If you are prerecording your course you can create the modules before launching it to your students.

Here is a Tutorial on How to Install and Setup Thrive Apprentice, you will need to be logged into Thrive Themes to access:

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Soul-led Social | Content Creation & Email List

Lesson 6 will walk you through creating your Soul-Led Social Media Content and Email List.

4 Week Social Media Content Creation will focus on the key areas of warming up you audience to purchase your Mini Course.
Week 1: Share your Story as it relates to your mini course
Week 2: Teach your Audience something new (think 3 tips/ how to)
Week 3: Pain, review your Deep Dives and Soul-Led Story for ideas
Week 4: Selling is Serving, continue to tell your story and sell your mini course

Use the Soul-Led Social Content Planner to start brainstorming your ideas.
- keep a journal with you when inspired ideas come to you
- record voice memos on your phone/ and take notes

Once you have your Ideas written plan out your content using Airtable
- you can also use Later to plan out and post your content to social media
- See the Social Media Tools Lesson for more tools/ Details

After you have posted your 4 weeks worth of content go back and repurpose the most popular posts for your Email List. Create 7 Emails to welcome in new subscribers:
Email 1: Welcome, get to know you and your brand
Email 2: Teach
Email 3: Teach
Email 4: Teach and/or mention a pain point
Email 5: Pain Point
Email 6: Sell
Email 7: Sell
If they do not buy after the 7th email you can direct them to your main Email List.
- Decide how often you would like to email your list, ie: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly

The Email Provider I recommend is Aweber, you can create all of your Emails inside this service.
- There is a Free version up to 500 subscribers and then it is $20 a month.

Social Media Tools

The Airtable Platform allows users to map out content for marketing (Social Media), sales or any other business related planning. The free version is pretty extensive and offers 12,000 records and 2GB of space.

The Later Platform allows users to post on one Social Platform once a day on their free plan.
You can link your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest account and use it to plan out each post.

Email Provider Aweber: https://workandwoo.aweber.com
- you can also use MailChimp

Editing Photos and Videos for Social Media VSCO App

Finding Graphics for quotes and teaching Canva and Creative Market

Stock Photos Wellness Stock Photos
- Dreamstime Stock Photos
- Pixels Stock Photos

*Please note some links do include affiliates and referrals and I may receive a credit if you signup.
I only recommend services I personally use and support.