Finally a proven way to actually finding your Life Purpose

without wasting Years searching alone!

Let me help you go from Soul Searching
to Aligning with your Dream Life & Work. 



Soul-led Container to Align your Soul, Path & SUPERPOWER

Go from Imposter Syndrome to Inspired Thought Leader with

11 Live Weekly Group Lessons, Guided Journals & Meditations, 

plus 6 Bonus Bi-Monthly Q&A Sessions.

Your Birthday is your BLUEPRINT

Let me show you what your Soul is calling your to do by helping you tap into your SUPERPOWER!
Your birthday is not random and was chosen by you on purpose. Decoding your birthday will help you understand where challenges and strengths are so that you can live a more fulfilled and aligned life.

Spiritual + Personal Growth

Starting your spiritual + personal growth journey can feel overwhelming at first, especially when no one understands. You will have access to an Online Support Group as well as Q&A sessions to guide you through the program.

Thought Leadership & Mastery

The goal of the program is to help you connect to your Soul Calling so that you can use your voice and share your message. This will be unique to you and the program will help you gain clarity so you can Master your Dream.

Clarity on Life Purpose

Numerology is used as the foundation of this program so you can understand what your numbers say about you. This will help you understand what your Soul is calling you to do, where you are on your Path in life and how you can use your Gifts.

Confidence At Work

During week one you will be creating your Soul-led Archetype which will help you to see where your strengths are. Some of us are Creatives, Teachers, Leaders or a combination of two archetypes. Once you understand your archetype you will be able to cater to your strengths and do work that aligns with you.

“You are here to Dream BIGGER!”

Helping you get back on path in Life & Work

Society would have us all believe that we should have it all figured out 100% of the time. That if you feel unclear, stuck or behind in life then you are a hot mess. But I am here to remind you that it is totally normal to feel off path, in fact you are suppose to feel this way, Hello Human Experience.

Here to help you dream bigger

Let me be your guide, mentor and intuitive teacher. When I felt unsettled about my path in life no one understood. It was not until I connected to likeminded mentors and coaches who could guide me back to myself that I was able to get back on path. This program is meant to help you look within so that you can make your dreams a reality.

Numerology Breakthroughs


Thank you so much! I have been doing the things you told me to work on and it is helping so much!

Anna Olson

 / Preschool Teacher


Doing this personal work alone can be hard. Thank you for sharing your energy, support and insights. 

Matt Stewart 

/ Freelance Artist


WOW! I was not expecting that result. I feel a lot more clear. Thank you.

Bethany Moore

/ Fashion Blogger

What you get with


Online Program 

11 Weekly Lessons will be taught Live via Zoom every Tuesday at 3pm PST.
with BLUEPRINT TO DREAM workbook, guided journal & meditations
 +6 Bonus Q&A Sessions will be on Sunday at 11pm PST TBD.

If you miss the live class or Q&A the sessions will be recorded to watch on the replay. 

You will have Lifetime Access to all content and any new lessons that are added in the future.

Plus access to an Online Soul-led Support Group of other likeminded Thought Leaders.



WEEK ONE Soul Calling 1,
Create your Soul-Led Archetype,
Understanding your Challenges & Strengths

WEEK TWO Power of the Mind 2, 3 & 4,
learn how to activate your Negative, Positive & Neutral Mind

WEEK THREE Teacher & Speaker 5,
Tap into your unique message, skills & voice

WEEK FOUR Master Manifestor 6,
Learn how to create your own experience through Manifestation

WEEK FIVE The Aura + Meditation 7,
Understanding the Outer Energy Bodies, Building Confidence and connection to the Divine

WEEK SIX Wealthy At Heart + Affirmations 8,
Tap into Abundance and earn wealth with your gifts

WEEK SEVEN Embody Divine Feminine 9,
Pick one Dream to Master Long Term Planning

WEEK EIGHT Thought Leader Divine Masculine 10,
Show up as a Leader in Life & Work, Making an Impact by being you

WEEK NINE Daily Divine Rituals + Grounding Meditation,
Creating a Sacred Space to Master your Dream

Work & Woo Modes, Taking Aligned Action + Inspired Ideas,
Create a 21 Day Plan for taking daily action on your Dream

WEEK ELEVEN Divine Thought Leader 9,10,11,
Align your Soul, Path & SUPERPOWER and sharing it with the world



Is this right for me, I’m not an Entrepreneur?

Yes this is for anyone looking to get back in alignment and tap into a skill they desire to master. You do not need to be an entrepreneur, you just have to have a desire to connect to your soul calling and tap into your gifts.

What is the difference between this program and Soul-Led Start-Up?

This program is focused on spiritual and personal growth while Soul-led Start up is a business and branding program. Blueprint to Dream will not provide you with strategies and marketing to start your business. But it will inspire you to master something you have been dreaming or, if that is a business wonderful but the outcome is specific to each person. You might feel called to start a podcast, write a book, learn a new language, the sky is the limit.

What can I expect from the Blueprint to Dream Program?

The goal is to help you connect back to yourself and uncover that one thing you are destined to master. Each week will build on the next to help you dive deeper into what your Birthday says about you through Numerology, Journal Prompts, and Guided Meditations. I will be available on the private online support group and during the 6 bonus Q&As to answer any questions that come up and support you on your journey. Everyones outcome will be different but you will can connect to other people who are on the same journey as you in the group.

What is Numerology and how do you use it in Blueprint to Dream?

Numerology is an ancient language that dates back to 14th-17th Century in India. I have been using Numerology in my life and work for going on 4 years and became a certified numerologist in 2020. I use Numerology as a foundation to help you align your Soul, Path and Superpower then take you on a deeper journey by understanding all the numbers in numerology, 1 through 11, so that you can master a skill and step up as a thought leader.

What if I can’t make the classes live? Can I go at my own pace?

Yes you can 100% go at your own pace and do not need to show up to the live classes. It is meant to be a journey and growth that you gain over the long term. You will have lifetime access to all of the live lessons and to any updates that may be added in the future.

How do I access the Blueprint to Dream Program?

Upon enrollment you will receive login information to access the PRE-WORK in your Members Area. Every week a Zoom meeting link will be emailed to you to access the Live Lessons. The pre-recorded lesson will be available in your Members Area 48 hours after the Live Lesson.

Are you offering payment plans?

Yes I want to make this program accessible and you can pay for the classes weekly.

Can you guarantee specific results?

I 100% believe in the transformation of this program. Every single numerology chart I have ever read the person has had major breakthroughs. This program takes your numerology chart and enhances it by going on a deeper journey. However I can not guarantee that you will have a specific outcome.

Aloha Dreamer My name is...
Nadia Bernardy

I’m Nadia, a Maui Based Spiritual Business Mentor, Certified Numerologist + Intuitive Teacher, Podcast Host, and advocate for helping Divine Feminine + Masculine Thought Leaders tap into their Soul Calling. Through my own magical experience of manifesting my dream life and business in Hawaii from an intention I set when I was 16, to helping grow an unknown Tech Unicorn into a $32Billion International brand all while working from my laptop in Hawaii, I am now on a mission to show you that you can truly manifest the life, money, relationship and create your Blueprint to Dream™

The SUPER fun part is it all starts with your Birthday!

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