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Hello Creative,

My name is Nadia, I am an educational writer and creative coach here to help you on your online business journey. This is a place to help you discover what your online business will look like. Do you know you want to start an online business but have no idea what it should be about? I totally hear you and through a series of coaching calls I am here to guide you along the journey to success. You see while starting an online business has never been easier with so much information out there it can be tough to know what direction to go in. Especially as a creative like yourself that has so many talents. How do you pick just one? The beauty of it as you just need to start down the path you are already on. You can always add and grow as your business does. So get rid of the idea that you have to do one thing forever to be successful. Yes picking a niche is important but it doesn’t mean you are tied to one thing it just means you have a purpose to fulfill and you need to develop that purpose before you can get to the next stage.

My mantra for 2020 is Focus on giving and receiving. Often times we give and block ourselves from receiving. This often leaves us feeling drained and not appreciated. When you give while allowing yourself to receive your life and work are in perfect balance.

About Nadia Bernardy:

I have been working in the online space for a decade as of 2018. I always knew that I would start my own online business with a degree in Graphic Design, Web Design and Marketing. At first I thought I would create my own design firm but after my first job as an in-house graphic and web designer for a wholesale company and later an internet marketing manager my path changed. I was roped into the world of e-commerce and decided to start my own online shop.

However destiny had another plan and I ended up getting a remote job in tech which allowed me to live anywhere. So what did I do? I packed my bags (and my fiancé‘s bags at the time…now husband) and moved back home to Maui, Hawaii to get married and start a family.

Life was great I was working for an amazing company making good money, able to travel and experiencing newly married life with my best friend. We started a publishing company for his indie comic books and attended comic book conventions around the globe.

Everything I told myself I wanted before I moved away for college was coming true, life was sweet.

It was not until after I had my daughter that things started to change as things naturally do. I realized that I had put my dream of starting my own business way on the back burner and I still wanted to create that dream. At this time the publishing company  I had built with my husband was doing great but I was left feeling like something was missing. For awhile I thought that I could live out my dream through my husband’s ambitions and even though we created it together it felt like his calling and I still needed to find mine.

Roll in shiny ball syndrome. For the first time in my life I became totally unclear on what I wanted my online business to look like. For almost three years I started several different online business’ in all different niche’s and nothing felt like the right fit. I just could not figure out what I was meant to do. Do you ever feel like that? Trust me you are not alone.

After searching and searching I finally decided to focus on a blog I had started about my daughter. I had not intended on it being a business but because I felt stuck I thought I would give it a try. So I spent a year diving into the world of blogging trying to figure out how to turn my hobby into a business. And guess what?

After a year I realized that it was not my one thing. I really enjoyed it and it was fun but I just wanted it to be that. Trying to turn it into a business felt forced and it just did not feel right.

So what did I do next you might be wondering? I decided that I needed to find myself a business coach. You see during my whole journey of trying to start an online business I was doing it totally alone. Well I wouldn’t say totally as I was definitely driving my husband crazy with all my millions of ideas. But I never thought to reach out to another woman who already had a successful business to get advice, help and direction.

I found a coach and everything changed. In one session I discovered my true purpose which is to be a writer. And not only a writer but an educational writer who helps other creatives just like you discover their purpose so that they can also build their dream business. And just like that it clicked, the next week I launched my business.

It has been a truly amazing journey and I wish all creatives who are trying to find their path the same success. That is why I created Work & Woo to help you find your purpose and your passion. Or as I like to say with a lot of WORK and a lot of WOO you can create your dream business.

Look around for more tips and if you need more help feel free to set up a free business chat

Nadia Bernardy

Founder of Work & Woo

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