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Feeling called to be a Thought Leader?

You have something unique to share in a way that no one else can. Your story and experiences are yours for a reason. Your dream is yours on purpose. You are meant to use your gifts to share your unique message and help others just be being you. 

Let's start your Spiritual + Personal Growth Journey together.

It all starts with first connecting back to yourself and gaining clarity on what your Soul is calling you to do. I use Numerology as a foundation to help you align these areas. Then you can Master that Dream you have been feeling called to start.


Let's tap into your gifts, earn wealth and make an IMPACT on the world. Enroll in my Signature Online Programs to get Started.

Aloha Dreamer My name is...
Nadia Bernardy

I’m Nadia, a Maui Based Spiritual Business Coach, Certified Numerologist + Intuitive Teacher, Podcast Host, and advocate for helping Divine Feminine + Masculine Thought Leaders tap into their Soul Calling. Through my own magical experience of manifesting my dream life and business in Hawaii from an intention I set when I was 16, to helping grow an unknown Tech Unicorn into a $32Billion International brand all while working from my laptop in Hawaii, I am now on a mission to show you that you can truly manifest the life, money, relationship and create your 

Blueprint to Dream™

The SUPER fun part is it all starts with your Birthday!

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